Spinning past defenders

Spin move to simultaneously block defender and move towards goal

Back in Euro 2012, Mario Gomez touched the ball four times during the whole game, and he had two goals to lead the Germans past the Dutch 2-1. For the first goal, he drifted towards a Dutch defender, coolly spun around him on his first touch, then beat the keeper to score.

1. Move towards the defender in receiving a diagonal pass.

2. Before receiving, start turning your shoulder towards the DF. You’ll need to block him.

3. Raise your arm to help shield

4. Caress the ball with the inside of your right foot as you start spinning

5. The ball should end up in front of you as you’re done spinning. Onto your next move.

Tip: Your run between steps 1 and 2 can be slow. This provides the illusion that you’ll stop the ball at your feet. The trick is to rapidly accelerate at step 3 when you go into the spin. The change in speed will fool the DF.


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