Who I am

You know when you can’t wait to do something? When there’s work tomorrow and it’s 2am but this thing is more important? I want that feeling back, and I think this is it.

In college I studied engineering, but what I remember is the soccer team and volunteering with kids. Kids sprinting towards us to say hi or making up ridiculous games to play with rocks. Dragging still hung over teammates to morning games and the road trip to New Orleans. Looking to combine the two, I started to coach kids. I’ve been coaching 7-10 year old boys and girls for two years now, but now I’m getting serious.

I want to find the most effective way to develop intelligent soccer players. Ones that make the correct decisions under pressure, move to the right spots with and without the ball, and look calm and deliberate on the field. As engineers we’re always trying to refine processes. I guess the engineering part of me wants to quantify, measure, and improve something hard to quantify – Talent. I’d like to learn the philosophies and processes of experts in youth soccer coaching, refine them, combine them, and make them my own.

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What this blog is about 

This blog will mainly be lessons learned from books and media about youth soccer coaching and stories of applying it. This is my way of trying to become a better coach and I’ll try to post once a week, under the “Coaching Lessons” or “Applications” categories. Ideas and comments from other coaches and/or soccer fans are very welcome.

Every once in a while, I’ll post new soccer moves I find. Fewer and fewer pickup soccer games means a decrease in chances to be creative. What if I broke it down and brought creativity straight to your screens? Find them under the “Soccer Tricks” section.


This post began thanks to feedback from friends through Facebook and a great article about challenging yourself:


Thanks for coming by and I hope you enjoy!


One thought on “About

  1. This is fantastic! Good luck with the coaching and the blog – I’ll definitely be checking it out.

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